Lead Conversion

With a lead process structured to your practice’s needs, the right information will be in front of your eyes at the right time.
Once the leads are captured, MDprospects makes it easy to communicate and nurture them with its email marketing feature and task management system. MDprospects gives you the ability to add comments, task reminders, appointment notes, status updates, and customizable tracking associated with the lead. Then to gauge the practices successes and weaknesses, MDprospects offers customized performance and conversion reports so you’ll know how your investments are paying off.

  • Our customizable automated lead process leapfrogs your staff’s efforts with responders and a tasks system.
  • Easily see which leads haven’t committed to your services.
  • Know which leads need follow-up.
  • Set to-do tasks for yourself or your colleagues.
  • See conversion rates at a glance with your dashboard.

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Features & Benefits

- never lose a lead
- Call Tracking
- Appointment scheduling
- Up-To-The-Minute Reporting
- track your advertising
- event management
- Lead Conversion
- Drip Campaigns & Email Blasts
- Live Chat
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