Features & Benefits

Never lose a lead

With MDprospects, you'll be able to track new patients from both organic and PPC campaigns - you can view and reply to all email and phone inquiries directly from within the system. Track the lifecycles of patients by updating the status feature. Categorize them by procedure, location and/or doctor. Leave patient-specific comments for staff and schedule follow-up tasks. MDprospects work for practices of all sizes and specialists, such as those engaged in marketing LASIK/ophthalmology, bariatrics, aesthetics, orthopedics, and dermatology.

You will know exactly how leads are being generated and have a history of all follow-up initiatives.

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Call Tracking

Our call tracking feature allows you to know exactly how many calls are being generated from which phone numbers on your website, landing pages, and other marketing campaigns. After speaking with a patient or potential lead, they can be transitioned into a new "status" (e.g., consultation, evaluation, post op) in a customizable drop-down menu

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Appointment scheduling

Cut wait time, minimize no-shows, and help prepare scheduled patients by using our online HIPAA compliant forms to capture medical history and patient information before they arrive.

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Up-To-The-Minute Reporting

Up-to the-minute reporting provides an instantaneous look at your website leads and online advertising so you know how well your website is generating new interest. Create customizable lead generation reports that can specify whether leads are from landing pages, registration forms or appointment forms. MDprospects conveniently exports prospect data to CSV, HTML, Excel or email list formats.

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track your advertising

How great is the feeling of knowing that the choices you made for your business were the right ones? Displayed in the top section of the dashboard is a breakdown of all forms and phone calls that have come into your office. With one glance you'll know which online forms are most effective for you, which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls, and how well your website is sparking interest. Unlike traditional media, online advertising with MDprospects is measurable from end-to-end. You know exactly how beneficial your investment is to your practice.

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event management

Our seminar management system reconciles with your website and lets you easily manage your rosters. Send invitations and reminders automatically, and see the conversion rates for the leads your events generate. 

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Lead Conversion

Converting leads to patients is a tough job that requires constant attention. MDprospects makes it possible for you to track your efficiency and improve any weak areas. It is designed to work with administrative staff to help take the guesswork out of follow-up.

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Drip Campaigns & Email Blasts

Send group emails or email old and noncommittal leads. Send conīŦrmations and decision reinforcement emails to those who have scheduled. Thank patients and maximize patient referrals with post-treatment emails.

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Live Chat

Make yourself available to curious leads, keep a log of your chats, and manage those leads as you would any other.

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Spend less time managing your office's softwares and more time with your patients - making a better experience for them and for your staff.

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Our LeadBot is here to help your team automatically engage with leads in a fast, proactive way. The MDprospects LeadBot is a chat bot designed for your practice. Chat bots are gaining popularity as a great way to engage those visiting your website.

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Managing your referral network is a full-time job! With our referral CRM you can manage your relationships with ease. Add a referral or sync it with your PM system. Track the number of patients each OD sends your way, and use the report feature to identify when to send a thank you.

From visit logs to task reminders, our CRM is an easy way to manage your referral relationships.

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2-Way Text Messaging

Two-way text messaging is an easy way to improve the communication between prospects and practices. Our system enables teams to connect with potential buyers on social media, the practice website and other forms of online engagement. This feature provides one more method of outreach to your leads team.

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Features & Benefits

- never lose a lead
- Call Tracking
- Appointment scheduling
- Up-To-The-Minute Reporting
- track your advertising
- event management
- Lead Conversion
- Drip Campaigns & Email Blasts
- Live Chat
- Integration
- LeadBot
- 2-Way Text Messaging

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