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Email Blast Tips & Tricks

  • Subject Line: Write a short, focused subject line targeted toward the audience you want to reach. Subject lines have a huge effect on open and click-through rates. Do not use all caps in your subject line, as this could trigger the campaign to be marked as spam.
  • “From” / “Reply” Email Address: You can choose which email address your campaign is sent from. Make sure you use one that is monitored regularly so that no replies to your campaign are missed.
  • Body Content: Write simple, quality and to-the-point body content that clearly explains what you are offering to your recipients and why it will benefit them.
  • Call to Action: Include a clear call to action button that leads to a landing page containing a form. ex: “Schedule your free consultation”
  • Avoid Spam Filters: Some words are easily flagged by spam filters, meaning your campaign will wind up in the recipient’s spam folder and most likely never opened. Avoid needy or urgent words and phrases like “free”, “act now”, or “call now”.
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