Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Created on: Friday, October 31, 2014
Author: MDprospects

Managing and contacting your leads is important when trying to maximize your business. It is equally important to track the origin of your leads. A great way to do this is by call tracking.

If you are running an ad on Google that directs users to a landing page, that landing page should offer those same users two options to connect with your business. The first is a form that visitors can fill out that is then sent directly to your business. The second is a phone number you put on your landing page that allows visitors to call your business directly.

Other than users filling out a form, how can you know how many people converted from your landing page and that your Google ad is actually working for your business? This is where call tracking can becomes key as part of your marketing strategy. Usually this is done by buying a unique phone number, putting it on your landing page, and setting the number to redirect to your business’ main telephone line.

MDprospects has a feature that allows practices to keep track of these phone numbers and calls received in a clean, easy-to-use interface. With our call tracking feature, phone numbers can be entered and tracked by the amount of calls and can get as specific as how many minutes are used per line. This is a great tool to see how effectively your landing pages are working for you and your business.

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