Where do you want your practice to be in 10 years?

Created on: Thursday, July 24, 2014

A 2008 AAO article discussed many trends about to unfold in the market of Ophthalmology. With patient mental shifts toward consumerism and patient desires for premium IOLs, the article pointed out a need for increased capital. How is your practice preparing to keep up with these trends? Before the decision is even made to come to your practice, potential patients have already researched many of the practices near your location. Forward-looking decision making and rapid adaptability will be necessary as changes in the healthcare market unfold. In order to take advantage of these trends before they evolve once again into something different, your practice needs to put itself in its best potential position now.

Mdprospects can create an easy workflow in your practice. Not only is it designed for ophthalmology practices, but it was created with 8 years of refractive coordinator experience and advice behind it. In the current healthcare market, especially in ophthalmology, the practice that is able to stay in front of a patient’s mind by keeping communication regular is most likely to see that lead convert. In order for a practice to be successful in today’s marketplace, it must wisely invest in communication and lead tracking systems. Help your practice keep up with marketplace changes by using MDprospects – ever-evolving software created just for you and your practice.

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