My Dry Eye Experience

Created on: Monday, May 12, 2014

Recently I visited an eye care physician as I was fed up with the frequent headaches I had been experiencing due to daily computer use at work. I was anticipating a prescription for reading glasses, which I did receive, but I was not expecting to be informed that I have extensive cornea damage due to dry eyes. Since most of MDprospects’ clients are in the ophthalmology field, I was familiar with the various treatments to help alleviate cases such as my own.

Shortly after my dry eye diagnosis I had the opportunity to attend ASCRS in Boston. I found the conference to be very informative about many different things associated with the field of ophthalmology and it gave me an opportunity to see some of the technology I read about every day in action. I was able to visit a few dry eye booths while attending the conference, including Allergean’s, where I received some great advice on how to use their eye drops to treat my dry eye. I also visited the Tearlab and took a test that measured the quality of my blinks. I thought to myself, “Of course I blink correctly! How does someone even have the ability to blink wrong?” Well as it turns out, I was very wrong because according to the test, which was videotaped, I do not completely shut my eyes when blinking. This can be a side effect of staring a computer screen, or any electronic device, for long periods of time. After viewing my own Tearlab test video and receiving advice from the Tearlab professionals, I now try to consciously focus on blinking more often while at work and this has helped improve my dry eyes dramatically. I was also informed that the Lipiflow treatment can work wonders for dry eyes and I plan to try that option as well.

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