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Created on: Thursday, January 30, 2014

I wanted to start this blog by introducing myself. My name is Ellie Sitek, I am the newest member of the MDprospects team. I have just relocated to Maine from the frozen tundra known as Minnesota. When I came to Maine I was looking for work experience that would allow me to utilize my degree in marketing. I was unsure that working in the software and IT world was for me until I realized that although MDprospects is, indeed, a software it is also an imperative tool to use for marketing business. When done right, lead management can help clarify your customer’s needs and ultimately create more revenue for your company. I am excited to be working with such an effective product like MDprospects.

That being said, one thing that many people dislike about business marketing is the need to call on leads. It can be quite awkward especially when you’re uncertain of what to say, but it is a proven fact that calling leads - especially when those leads come directly to your lead management software - can increase your business’ conversion rate.

A study conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd states, “The odds of contacting a lead if called within 5 minutes are 100 times higher versus 30 minutes” and “The odds of qualifying a lead if called within 5 minutes are 21 times higher versus 30 minutes.”

The reason prompt responses work can be described as “presence detection,” this means that if a lead just typed a question or comment on your website, they are probably still by their computer or phone. To go along with that, your practice will still be on their mind. Even if the lead you are calling is not ready to commit, you are still able to establish a relationship between the lead and your practice, and nurture them through the process until they commit to your services.

A couple of helpful tips that came from Dr. Oldroyd’s study are:

The best day(s) to contact (call) a lead is on Wednesday and Thursday.

The best time to contact a lead is between 4pm and 6pm.

With that being said, the WORST time is right after lunch.

Between 8-9am and 4-5pm is the best time to qualify a lead or set an appointment with them.

Again, after lunch, between the times of 1 and 2pm are the worst to try and contact a lead.

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