Appointment Scheduling

Make it easier for people to come to you.
A simple form which feeds directly into your database of leads makes it effortless for a person to become your patient and book a consultation at your practice. Easily managed through your MDprospect​s, the online scheduler reduces double bookings and can be layered to reflect the available times of each of your practice’s locations, doctors, and procedures.

  • When a lead selects an appointment, that timeslot is removed from the schedule
  • Or if a lead calls to book, with just a few clicks, you’ll have the appointment time reserved for them, and it will no longer appear online
  • Send a confirmation email and appointment reminders with our auto-responders

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Apppointment Scheduling

Features & Benefits

- never lose a lead
- Call Tracking
- Appointment scheduling
- Up-To-The-Minute Reporting
- track your advertising
- event management
- Lead Conversion
- Drip Campaigns & Email Blasts
- Live Chat
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